Eyeliner, motherhood, life: wing it all

Testing. Testing. Is this thing on?

Have you ever wanted to start something? A new project/hobby/adventure, and doubted that you’re just not as talented/crafty/adventurous as you once thought you were? Or maybe tried to get some words down on paper, and it’s like grasping at straws. Suddenly you feel naked and quite a bit less funny/interesting/well-written than you thought you were.

Welcome to adulthood.


I have spent the better part of my adult life wanting to blog, to get my creative juices pumping and my smart-alecky words a-goin’. But I have the attention span of Doug from Up!: shorter than the amount of time it takes for my mind to drift at the mention of a squirrel. I can’t seem to focus on any given subject matter for very long. It’s hard being passionate about so many things: cooking, baking, traveling, animals, crafting, working out, and just living my best life in general. My heart and brain are often cluttered with too many ideas, all of them vying to be made real.

So here I am, one day after my 29th birthday. Starting a blog. Letting you, reader, friend, stranger, possible person with insomnia who has fallen into a Pinterest time loop and stumbled upon my blog at 2 am, into the unorganized insanity that I call my noggin.

I hope to share my realness with you. Today was nothing extraordinary: spent the morning on a long walk along the waterfront of San Diego Bay, entered my dog into a dog-model casting call, tried not to cry as I diced onions for a yummy crock pot white chicken chili, and am typing away while Matt (hubs) holds the baby while we Netflix binge.

So hold on tight! I hope to share the delicious recipes I try, my mediocre mom-ing tips, misadventures, and sub par crafting.


Pour yourself a glass of wine (or three), put on your comfiest Lularoe leggings, and enjoy!




Courtney, Domestic Mermaid